A Letter to the Female Staff

Dear ladies:

With flowers in blossom and plants turn green, we are welcoming the 104th International Working Women's Day in this warm March. The Trade Union of Nanjing University of the Arts extends its sincere greetings and best wishes to all the female staff who devoted themselves to teaching, scientific research, management, and service!

Our school will not make progress without the cooperation of all the staff and the devotion of all the female staff. The female staff takes 49% of the whole staff in our school and plays an important role in the area of discipline construction, talent cultivation, and art show. It is you who stick to your position, impart knowledge and educate people; it is you who contribute to the harmonious campus and society in a poor, lonely, considerate, persistent, and bright state; it is you who hold up the half sky between family and the society. Looking forward to the future, all the projects in our university are stepping isnto a new journey, providing a broad way for the female staff to develop themselves. Our university believes that all of your females will adhere to the school mission and spirit to make contribution to achieving the goal of building a comprehensive art school.

On this happy occasion, our university wishes you good health, smooth work, and a happy family! We hope all of you enjoy you holiday!

Trade Union of Nanjing University of the Arts