Solo Jewelry Exhibition of Sun Mingyue Was Held In School of Design

On May 20, the exhibition ‘Art story in May’ of Sun Mingyue who is the postgraduate of grade 2011 majored in jewelry design was held in the 1st floor in School of Design. She showed her personal emotion and professional skills completely to the audience by the language of jewelry art.

It exhibits part of Sun’s works during the graduate study, including necklace, ear stud, ring, brooch and decorations. There are nine series: Chen, Si, Er, Jiu, S&H, Deep Breath, Zi Xiao, Hu Ji and Jian. Er were created from fish shape, blending fish’s beautiful line into the jewelry. S&H were a series of commercial idea, presenting a pithy streamline and expressing a fashion beauty that young people looking forward to. Chen, Deep Breath, Huji, Jian series break the traditional jewelry design concept and combine embroidery and metal decroation. The faculty adviser Zheng Jing spoke highly of the works and saidthat ‘manufacturability and technicality are both good’. 

Sun says that she will open a workshop, stick to it and then found her own brand. 

Er series
Er series

Chen series

S&H series

Huji series

The designer