Hou Ying Dance Theatre Held Modern Dance Show and Academic Activities in School of Dances, NUA

The modern dance performances and academic lectures given by Beijing Hou Ying Dance Theatre bring to a successful close, which is hosted by School of Dances, Nanjing University of the Arts. The school leaders such as Zhai Tianling, He Xiaoyou along with leaderships of School of Dances attend the activities.

Hou Ying Dance Theatre is founded by the famous Chinese American dancer Hou Ying, of which the predecessor is Vision Theatre founded by Hou Ying in 2006 in New York. Hou Ying’s dance theory and creation are full of contemporariness which is of epoch-making significance.

The activities included four parts: academic lecture in the evening of 13th, Tutu modern dance performance in the evening of 14th, modern dance skill and impromptu classes in the morning of 17th, creation seminar in the afternoon of 17th. In the activities, Hou Ying tries to tell us that dance is a way of expressing the life. Arts derive from one’s inner heart, and deliver in different forms. The abundance of your arts depends on your inner world. Arts should be refined and pure. If you truly love it, then realize it with your gracious life. We should have strong will and heart.’ By skill class and impromptu class, the students feel the essence of modern dance from body to thought. The students participated in the activities actively which motivate their expressiveness and creation and enlarge their art vision.