Professor Qian Jianming is invited to perform and teach in USA

Qian Jianming, the standing vice editor in chief of Music and Performance, professor of Music College who is invited by Lee University Cleveland and holds a co-performance and academic lecture from Nov. 5 to 12. The activity has been given much attention and support from two schools, and has gained much praise in America.

After days of rehearsal, professor Qian conducted the school symphony chamber orchestra which opened the show season. Teachers, students and people who love music from Lee University School of Music, College of Arts & Sciences, College of Education, School of Religious and Atlanta, Cleveland city listened the concert in great interest.

The concert titled ‘Tennessee’s Night – A Bridge Connected Eastern and Western Culture’ has been planed and prepared carefully, which choose more than ten western works played in Chinese instruments aiming to explain the art law that geography and history culture of eastern and western are interacted on each other in music world. Professor Qian also made an academic lecture in English, which is Jiangnan sizhu -- the Development and Variation of Traditional Music from Ming-Qing dynasty

As the leader of music performance classes, professor Qian is invited to investigate the union chorus and mixed chorus of which the materials are drawn from religion, folk songs and school lives. Professor Qian gave high praise on the classes and teaching experience which are with international superiority and native character. The academic trip became a good chance of cooperation of the two schools.

the poster

the lecture