The Opera Qiuzi Made a Success in the First Preview Performance

The opera Qiuzi met the first preview performance in Nov. 25 after two months’ rehearsal. The opera received lots of applause and good feedback. Wang Yanwen (member of standing committee and propaganda minister of Jiangsu province), Zhang Jianhua (vice minister of propaganda department, secretary of literary federation party and vice executive chairman of Jiangsu province), Liang Yong (vice minister of propaganda department) along with Guan Xiangqun (secretary of the party committee, NUA), Mi Ruqun, vice presidents Lv Bin, Zhang Chengzhi and senior leadership Feng Jianqin, Huang Xiaobai watched the performance in Experimental Theatre. It is said that Qiuzi will give a performance publicly in Dec. 12 in Experimental Theatre.

The opera Qiuzi is the first opera that been created in western opera form and made huge influences in modern China, which is a milestone in the history of China opera history. The opera drove from a real story. Ta Kung Pao published a report in April, 1938 named Gongyi and Qiuzi which tells a story that young married Gongyi was drafted and sent to China, whose wife Qiuzi was cheated and sent to Yangzhou as a comfort woman. The couple met sorrowfully and suicide in Yangzhou Slender West Lake. 

Qiuzi gave the first performance in Guotai Theatre from Jan. 31 to Feb. 6, 1942, which created a sensation in cultural circles. At the present time, our school is going to rehearsal the opera that has bid farewell to the stage for 70 years and will perform in Dec. 12 which is the day before the National Mourning Day of Nanjing Massacre Victims. The activity caters to the theme of recalling the dead, remembering history and resisting war. 

Minister Wang Yanwen met the leading actors of Qiuzi

Live show