Professor Sergio Soave was invited to give a two-day academic communication by School of Fine Arts, Printmaking Department

Professor Sergio Soave from Ohio State University, Art College was invited to give a two days academic communication on Nov. 27 by School of Fine Arts, Printmaking Department.

Along with professor Zhangfang, Zhou Yiqing and Yang Chunhua, Sergio Soave came to the printmaking studio and talk with the students kindly on 27th. In the presentation, the students enjoyed pieces of excellent print works, and listened to his experience that born in the WWⅡ, came to Canada with the relatives from Italy. The memory of the elders and old stories has become his creation source. Speaking of memory, Professor Zhou shared his understanding in the creation. The students seek advices from Prof Sergio about skills and conceptions. Prof Sergio came to the studio the second time on 28th and gave a skill workshop that has been looking forward to. The teachers and students enjoyed themselves in the activity. Prof Sergio spoke highly of their practical and creation abilities. They all enjoyed the time.