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Liu Weidong

Liu Weidong, born in Dec. 1960 at Nantong, Jiangsu province; Professor of art history, doctoral supervisor, cheif editor of Art and Design, standing deputy director of academic board and associate director of academic degrees committee of NUA. Academic leader of fine arts(first-grade subject), NUA. Liu Weidong has served successively as dean of studies, dean of School of Higher Vocational and Adult Education, vice president of NUA.

At present, Liu holds the position of president and standing deputy decretary of Party committee of NUA.

Major research area: European art history, comparative study of fine arts between East and West, methodology of art history.

Major social appointments: vice chairman of the National Art Theory Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry Of Education, committee member of China National Committee for MFA Education; member of Theory Committee of China Artists Association, director of Theory Commission of Jiangsu Artist's Association; vice chairman of Jiangsu Critics Association; member of Jiangsu Steering Committee on Quality-Oriented Education of Higher Education Institutions; vice director of Jiangsu Pedagogy Sub-commission of Higher Education Teaching Research Institute.

Liu Weidong was evaluated as ‘Best Middle-Aged and Young Core Teachers of Jiangsu Universities’ in 1998, academic pacesetter trainee of Jiangsu Blue Project in 2002, the second session of middle-aged and young science leading elites of Jiangsu ‘333 High Level Talents Training Project’ in 2008, ‘Middle-aged and Young Experts of Outstanding Contribution of Jiangsu’ in 2013.

Liu Weidong takes the undergraduates and postgraduates teaching, like European fine art history, comparative study of fine art between East and West, art history and methodology of art.

The major academic achivements: Liu Weidong published dozens of academic thesis on national art core journals and provincial academic journals, among which National image in art works is published in full on People’s Daily as an important theory. There are more than ten monographs, The Significance of Image, Kandinsky, Red Gallery (three books), East and West Art Talk, Between Drawing and Words, Foreign Art History, Bright StarsFine——Art in the Renaissance Period, Preface and Postscript, among which The Significance of Image win the second prize in Jiangsu province Eleventh Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science, Bright StarsFine——Art in the Renaissance Period win the second prize in the Fifth Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science of Universities in Jiangsu province; in 2012, Iconography and Research on China Art History win artistic key project of National Social Sciense Fund.