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Zhai Tianling

Zhai Tianling, female, Han nationality, was born in Tianshui, Gansu Province in April, 1959 and brought up in Hu County, Shanxi Province. She was graduated from Northwest Normal University, majoring in mathematics. As a on-the-job postgraduate student of Party School of Jiangsu Committee of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and a vice researcher, she has devoted herself in higher education administration, ideological and political education of the youth, and math teaching for a long time.

Zhai Tianling has served successively as head of Youth League Community and member of school party committee in Tianshui No.1 Middle School; member, vice secretary, secretary, and party secretary of Tianshui Prefectural Committee; chairman of Tianshui Youth Federation; deputy secretary of Gangu County; member of the seventh and ninth Jiangsu Provincial Communist Youth League; representative of the fourteenth National Congress of Communist Youth League. She was also the vice president of Higher Vocational College, secretary of library, director of student working office, director of the party committee and headmaster’s office in Nanjing Normal University. She was the vice president and member of standing committee of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.

At present, Zhai Tianling is the vice secretary of party committee and secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection in Nanjing University of the Arts.

She has won the honor of outstanding Youth League cadres in Gansu Province, pace-setter in the new Long March of Gansu, advanced individual in ethnic unity and progress of Jiangsu Province, outstanding party worker of Tianshui, etc. Also, she was awarded the outstanding communist and excellent management prize of Nanjing Normal University twice. In addition, she was honored as the advanced individual of Naning Normal University, etc.

Zhai Tianling has devoted herself in higher education administration for a long term, and published tens of papers successively in Chinese core periodicals like Beijing Education (Higher Education Edition), Jiangsu Higher Education, Higher Education Research & Evaluation, Economist, Journal of Nanjing Normal University—Social Science Edition, etc. Besides, she was also in charge of or participated in many important programs concerned with Ministry of Education, provincial educational department and Nanjing Normal University.