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He Xiaoyou

He Xiaoyou, male, the Han nationality, was born in April 1956 in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. As a professor and a Ph.D. supervisor, he is the leading figure of Jiangsu provincial characteristic specialty (School of Industrial Design of Nanjing University of the Arts), director of Jiangsu provincial industrial design experimental teaching demonstration center (School of Industrial Design of Nanjing University of the Arts), director of Jiangsu provincial innovative experimental base of training higher education talents in 2010 (School of Industrial Design of Nanjing University of the Arts), moderator of Jiangsu provincial high quality course—traditional Chinese wisdom of creating enlightens innovative design methods, researcher of Chinese National Academy of Arts and Chinese Design Academy of Arts, executive director of China Industrial Design Association, member of Committee of Experts, member of Industrial Design Arts Council of Chinese Artists Association, executive director of Design Education Academic Committee of China Association of Higher Education, executive director of China Arts Anthropology Association, deputy director of Jiangsu Industrial Design Association, head of Design Arts Council of Jiangsu Artists Association, vice president of Interior Decoration of Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce, member of Nanjing Economic and Social Development Advisory Committee. He once held the post of vice president and president of School of Design, president of Institute of Continue Education, president of School of Industrial Design in Nanjing University of the Arts. 

At present, Professor He is the party standing committee member and vice president of Nanjing University of the Arts. 

He engaged in teaching and studying industrial design for years and has published tens of academic papers. In addition, he has published and compiled 8 books, including On the Design of Traditional Chinese Utensils, Product Design Procedures & Methods, etc. He made studies on “establishment of new systems for teaching industrial design”, which won the first prize among all teaching achievements made by regular institutions of higher learning in Jiangsu Province and the second prize among all teaching achievements within China; the collaborated project On the Design of Traditional Chinese Utensils, was financed by Jiangsu social science funds and won the third prize among all excellent social science achievements in Jiangsu Province in 2005 and won the National Book Award-Government in 2007; the collaborated project Curriculum Reform of Artistic Design won the second prize among all teaching achievement made by institutions of higher education in Jiangsu Province in 2009. Besides, he designed “multi-functional electronic cane”, which won the Bronze Medal at the Tenth China National Fine Arts Exhibition; he was in charge of “the design of public facilities in Beijing Olympic Park”, which won the second prize of the overall program design issued by the Organization Committee of the 29th Olympic Games ; he wrote suggestions on the development of industrial design industry in Jiangsu Province, which won the excellent advice of outstanding workers of technology and science in Jiangsu Province in 2009; he designed “wisdom of traditional Chinese utensils enlightens modern innovative design” which was exhibited in Creative Industry Expo Shanghai (China) and received wide praise, among which four works won the first prize of 2008 Outstanding Industrial Design in Jiangsu Province. At the same time, he was in charge of tens of practical design programs.

He has been to the UK, Japan, France, South Korea and the Untied States to make a research on local design education. He won the Silver Award of the Red Pine Gardner Award for Higher Education in Jiangsu. He was honored as Advanced Individual in the Three-aspect Education for College Students in Jiangsu, Advanced Individual in Scientific and Technical Research in Colleges and Universities in Jiangsu, and third-level candidate for 333 Project in Jiangsu Province.