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Xie Jianming

Xie Jianming, male, professor, doctoral supervisor, Ph.D. Mr. Xie is now working as the NUA Standing Member of CPC Committee and Vice Principal. 

Mr. Xie is born in April, 1965 and graduated from Nanjing Normal University department of Chinese language and literature, M.A. He worked in College of Liberal Arts, Southeast University in June, 1990, propaganda department in 1993, and then worked as the vice editor of Journal of Southeast University in 1996. Mr. Xie studied for a doctorate at Southeast University in 1997, when he got the Japanese Government Scholarship and studied for a doctorate at Ritsumeikan University in Japan and did postdoctoral research there. After returning to the motherland, he worked as deputy director of the office of the Party committee, director of the office of the Party committee, minister of the United Front Work Department, and assistant to the Dean of Southeast University in turn. He is good at art theory, art history and comparative arts. He managed two national social science funds, and published four books and more than 60 theses.