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Yu Feng

Yu Feng, male, the Han nationality, born in Haimen Jiangsu province, member of Chinese communist party, Graduate degree, Doctor of Management, associate professor, visiting scholar at UC San Diego. Working at Yanzhou University after graduation in June, 1992, later graduated from Graduate School of Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C and Nanjing Agricultural University. Yu has served successively in Yanzhou University as secretary of the Youth League Committee, director of youth development, minister of students affair department, director of students’ affairs division, minister of Department of Jiangsu Provincial Communist Youth League school, secretary-general of Jiangsu Student Federation, minister of Department of Organization, standing member of Jiangsu Youth Federation, trainee of Jiangsu ‘333 High Level Talents Training Project’, delegate of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Youth League.

Yu Feng is working as standing member of Party Committee, vice president of Nanjing University of the Arts.

Engaging in the research of public management and education management, Yu has published dozens of academic thesis on core journals which are Comparative Education Review, Jianghai Academic Journal, Modern University Education, Modern Education Science. Yu managed or participated in many ministerial level funds, and published many monographs and compiles. Yu once won the first prize of Jiangsu provincial Excellent Results, excellent tutor of the ‘Challenge Cup’ extracurricular competition works of science and technology, the first prize of provincial universities minister of students’ affairs department forum theses.