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Zhang Chengzhi

Zhang Chengzhi, male, the Han nationality, born in Aug, 1960 in Suzhou. As a professor, Doctoral supervisor, he served as vice president of School of Design, president of School of Media and Communications. He is a member of China Artists Association, member of Animation and Digital Media Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry Of Education, deputy chairman of Jiangsu Animation Artists Association, associate director of National Digital Media Art Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center.

Zhang Chengzhi is working as vice president of Nanjing University of the Arts.

He has been engaged in teaching and practical work of art design and animation. Professor Zhang has published dozens of academic thesis on national art core journals and provincial academic journals, like Thinking on China Sacrificial Vessels in Ancient Times and books like The Practice and Teaching of Media Art in High Education. The work fragment was exhibited in The Origin of Dao• New Idea of Chinese Contemporary Art, Hong Kong, lacquer painting United As One(joint work) , mural Zheng He’s Voyage(joint work) won the silver medal in the 10th National Art Exhibition, mural Metro line 1 Murals – Ming Narration won the bronze medal in the 11th National Art Exhibition.