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Mi Ruqun

Mi Ruqun, male, the Han nationality, born in Nov. 1955 in Lincheng, Hebei Province, professor, MA supervisor . Mi Ruqun served as secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing University of the Arts in 2007, Institute level investigator of NUA in May, 2014.

Engaged in studying the Marxist theories, ideological and political education for college students and the management of higher education for years, Mi undertakes a number of national and provincial scientific research tasks; edited or participated in the editing of over 10 books, including On the Moral Education in Colleges and Universities, Head Teachers in Colleges and Universities, New Visions, Market• Culture •Value & Moral Education and Dictionary of Student Work in Colleges and Universities; published more than 20 academic papers, currently serves as the vice president of Jiangsu Marxist Theories Research Society and a supervisor for Ethnics Postgraduates in Nanjing Normal University.