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Zou Jianping

Zou Jianping, the Han nationality, born in 1955 in Shanghai, professor, Doctoral supervisor. Zou served as president of Nanjing University of the Arts in June, 2008, institute level investigator of NUA in May, 2014.

Prof. Zou Jianping is right now a delegate of the 12th National People’s Congress, member of the National Art Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry Of Education, counselor of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, vice chairman of the Democratic Revolutionary Party in Jiangsu Province, chairman of the Democratic Revolutionary Party in Nanjing, vice chairman of Nanjing People’s Political Consultative Conference, director of Chinese Musicians Association, vice chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles and chairman of Nanjing Musicians Association.

Once got first prize in Jiangsu with his education and teaching achievements (cooperated work); published over 10 academic papers; won more than 20 prizes in various domestic and provincial music creation competitions, of which Taihu Yu Mi Xiang (Taihu Lake-the Hometown of Fishes and Rice), a large-scale dance (cooperated work, in which Zou served as the music director), won the National 5-A Project Prize and the chorus album Xiu Hebao (Embroidering the Lotus-shaped Purse) won the 2000 Shuangxiang Award second prize from the State Administration of Radio Film and Television; major works include orchestral music Zhaoxi Jiangnan (Mornings and Evenings in the South of the Yangtze River), Symphonic Poem created for symphony orchestras and choruses (with its debut in Britain), folk orchestral music Sunrise Impression and Vast Jiangling, chamber music Selected Tales of Liaozhai, Local Custom and Fantasy Dance; created a great number of dance music and movie and TV music.