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Chen Shining

Chen Shining, male, the Han nationality, born in January 1955 in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, professor, supervisor for Ph.D. Chen served successively as deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president, standing member of the Party committee and vice president of NUA.Chen served as vice-institute level investigator of NUA in May, 2014.

Engaged in teaching and creating oil paintings for years, was selected as one of the Provincial Cross-Century Academic Leaders by Jiangsu Qing Lan Project in 2000; won the title of Middle-aged and Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions to Jiangsu in 2002; served as the leader of the national excellent course Oil Painting Techniques and the person in charge of the national special major Professional Painting; won domestic and foreign prizes with his oil paintings for many times, of which Winter Training, a 1985 oil painting, won the Honorable Mention in China National Youth Art Exhibition; Women in Wa Mountains, a 1991 oil painting, won the Endeavor Award at the 27th Asian Modern Art Exhibition held in Tokyo; Marriage in the Execution Field, a 2001 oil painting, won the Award for the Supreme Works (the highest honor) at the China Fine Arts Exhibition for the 80th Anniversary of the Party; oil painting Childhood Olympic Dream won the first prize at the Fifth National Sports Fine Arts Exhibition before being sent to IOC Principal Jacques Rogge and displayed in the Olympic Museum Lausanne; Yanyu Jiangnan (The South of the Yangtze River in Fog & Rain), a 2003 oil painting, was a selected work at the Third China Oil Paintings Exhibition; One-minded, a 2004 lacquer painting and a cooperated work, won the Silver Medal at the Tenth National Fine Arts Exhibition in China before being collected by National Art Museum of China; Eternal Moment, a 2005 oil painting, was collected by the Chinese Olympic Committee; and Dawn, a jumbo oil painting created in 2007, was collected by Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum.

Published several books, including General Theories of Western Fine Arts, In and Out of Paintings and Comparative Study of the Chinese and Western Painting Spirit Conception; served as a national judge in the Sixth China Sports Fine Arts Exhibition held in 2005, the national judge in the China Top Hundred Artists’ Jinling Exhibition (Oil Painting) held in 2006 and the national judge in China Oil Paintings & Sketching Works Exhibition held in 2008; current director of China Artists Association, vice chairman of Jiangsu Artists Association, director of Jiangsu Oil Painting Art Committee, director-general of Jiangsu Popular Science Artists Association, executive vice chairman of Jiangsu Oil Paintings Society and director of Jiangsu International Cultural Exchange Center.