Introduction of Schools and Departments

School of Music

As one of the oldest higher institutions of music education in China, the School of Music can be dated back to 1912. After nearly a century’s development, it has laid a solid academic foundation, obtained a good and coordinated development momentum in teaching, scientific researches and art practice, and become a professional school of art featured by the Chinese cultural spirit, local characteristics and certain domestic and international influence.

Currently, the School of Music includes such departments as Composition, Musicology, Chinese Musical Instruments, Orchestral and Percussion Music, Art Education, Vocal Music, Piano and Basic Music, the Dean’s Office, the Educational Administration Office, Student Work Office, Institute of Music, Bach Art Center and National Vocal Music Research Center. It involves 4 branch disciplines and has the qualification for granting doctor’s degree and master’s degree. In 2007, it obtained the qualification for setting up a Post-doctoral Research Center. Music is a key discipline; Music Performance (Chinese music instrument performance) and Musicology are brand majors; and Composition and Composition Theories are characteristic majors in Jiangsu Province.

In recent years, students and teachers in the School of Music have published independently or participated in the compilation of over 100 books on various types of music in well-known domestic and foreign publishing houses, nearly a thousand academic papers, and translated articles and reports in a variety of publications at provincial or above level. The School of Music undertakes more than 20 national, provincial, ministerial or above-level scientific research projects. In international and national music competitions, it has won more than 90 golden, silver and bronze medals, including the first prize in Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition; 2 Golden Medals and 2 Silver Medals in the Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music; 1 Golden Medal and 1 Award for Composition of the Splendor Award from the Chinese Ministry of Culture.

The school has a capable faculty basis. Currently, it has 102 teachers and administrative staffs, of which 31 are professors, 26 are associate professors, 9 are supervisors for Ph.D. candidates and 38 are supervisors for postgraduates.

The School of Music adheres to the motto and spirit of Nanjing University of the Arts, namely “Grandeur and Simplicity, Profundity and Beauty” and “Seeking the Truth, Making Innovations, and Creating Beauty”, pays great attention to its cultural deposits, highlights art practices, and pursues a good moral and artistic reputation. It is active on both the domestic and the foreign stages, achieving great successes and making great achievements.

The School of Music will continue to strengthen the connotation construction, improve its teaching quality, actively develop new growth points, introduce modern management concepts, vigorously push forward music creation and performance, and intensify efforts for further development and scientific and technical innovations. It will take vigorously building a first-class professional school of arts with the features of the traditional Chinese culture, local regional characteristics and certain international reputation as its development orientation and objective in the future.