Introduction of Schools and Departments

School of Pop Music

Founded in 1995, Nanjing University of the Arts School of Pop Music is a state-owned publicly-run secondary college that adapts to the development of the times and aims at cultivating advanced music talents capable of self-fashioning and starting businesses by themselves.

It right now has 7 departments, namely the Department of Pop Music Creation, the Department of Pop Music Singing, the Department of Pop Music Performance, the Department of Musical Instruments Manufacturing and Repairing, the Department of Music Communication, the Department of Basic Teaching and the Department of Social Music. Of which, the majors of pop music and that of Musical Instruments Manufacturing and Repairing are special majors in Nanjing University of the Arts and Jiangsu Province, influential in domestic counterparts; music composition, direction and planning is a new major of the college, which has attracted the attention of the society with its good reputation, laying a solid foundation for further developments. On the basis of strengthening undergraduate education, the College of Pop Music is currently pushing forward postgraduate education and has enrolled several postgraduates majoring in Pop Music and Music Communication.

Currently, the College of Pop Music has over 70 teachers (including employed teachers from beyond Nanjing University of the Arts). Of which, 20 are professors or associate professors (including national first-grade actors), and over 10 are visiting professors. Besides, it has more than 600 full-time undergraduate students at school and several postgraduates.

It pays special attention to learning from the arts education in domestic and foreign educational institutions of higher learning, actively carries out academic exchanges and artistic exhibitions with different countries around the world. In recent years, it has been strengthening the cooperation with art colleges and universities in the United States, Norway, Japan and South Korea, and exchanging teachers and students to learn from each other, achieving substantial progresses and encouraging results. Meanwhile, the College of Pop Music has invited a great number of domestic and foreign masters in the arts and education circles to come and give lectures, greatly promoting its teaching quality and reputation.

Teachers and students from the College of Pop Music have won a great number of awards at domestic and foreign music competitions. For example, the Philharmonic Chorus has won big prizes at the chorus festivals in the United States and Poland; students majored in Pop Music Performance won the Asian Young Artists Instrumental Music Performance Golden Medal; students majored in Pop Music Singing won the Silver Medal of the Golden Bell Award, an important award in the domestic music circles, have achieved good results at the CCTV National Young Singers Competition, and won the Golden Medal and the Honorable Mention in the Yangtze River Young Singers Competition, the top three prizes in Jiangsu Music and Dance Festival, showing its educational strength and teaching quality.