Introduction of Schools and Departments

School of Industrial Design

Initially established in 1993, Nanjing University of the Arts School of Industrial Design is a special discipline construction subject in Jiangsu Province. To adapt to the development trend of Nanjing University of the Arts, the School of Industrial Design was established as an independent branch in September 2008. Currently, it has three major directions: Industrial Product Design, Information Exchange and Design and Exhibition Design.

It mainly enrolls undergraduates who intend to learn industrial design, exhibition design or information exchange and design; postgraduates who intend to engage in industrial design studies and exhibition design studies under the discipline of design art; and Ph.D. candidates who intend to engage in design thinking and methods studies and specific industrial design studies.

Currently, the School of Industrial Design has 21 professional teachers, of which 4 are professors, 4 are associate professors, 4 are lecturers and 7 are teaching assistants. Of the entire faculty, 6 are Ph.D.s (including those who are studying for a doctor’s degree), 12 are postgraduates, 1 is bachelor, 1 is the supervisor for Ph.D. candidates and 3 are supervisors for postgraduates. Also, of all the teachers, 1 is a foreign expert, 5 are returned overseas Chinese and 3 have once furthered their studies abroad. They come from different colleges and universities, including Nanjing University of the Arts, Jiangnan University, Southeast University, Soochow University, Shandong University, Nanjing Forestry University, Art Center College of Design in the Untied States, Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in Britain, Queensland College of Art in Australia, Schwäbisch Gmünd School of Design in Germany, Kinston University in Britain and Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy.

In-process research institutes of the School of Industrial Design include:

  • Ecological Materials Design and Application Laboratory (in cooperation with Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Straw Materials in Nanjing Forestry University);
  • Future Cleaning Methods Design Laboratory (in cooperation with TEK Electrical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.);
  • Post-the Well-off Society Urban Area-specific Vehicles Concept Design Laboratory (cooperative project of production, education and researches);
  • Traditional Chinese Utensils Modern Inspirational Design Laboratory;
  • Free Design Laboratory;
  • Industrial Design of Service Robot Laboratory (under preparation)