Introduction of Schools and Departments

School of Film&Video

The history of the School of Film/Video may be traced back to the 1960s. It was rebuilt to be the Department of Drama in 1969 and began to enroll students to be majored in drama performance and stage art in 1973. Tao Zeru, Qian Tai, Wu Zhiyuan, Lin Daxin and Li Naiguang were all enrolled by the School of Film/Video in the same year. Later, it was closed for some reasons before resuming operation in December 1998 and establishing the Department of Film and Television Arts. In January 2006, it became the School of Film/Video with Qian Tai as its executive assistant dean and Tao Zeru as its dean. Qian Tai is a state first-class director who won the title of Excellent Party Member in Jiangsu Educational Institutions of Higher Learning in 2003 and the title of Advanced Individual in the Ideological and Political Education for College Students in Jiangsu in 2005. Tao Zeru was selected as one of the top 50 “excellent film artists” in China in December 2005 and won commendation from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

The School of Film/Video now has 5 departments for undergraduates, namely Performance, Direction, Art of Broadcasting and Hosting, Television Drama Literature and Public Administration (Entertainment Planning/Production). It has established Film/Video Art Research Institute and launched M.A. program and Ph.D. program in Film Studies which is a key discipline in Nanjing University of the Arts. Currently, it has 464 undergraduates, 11 postgraduates and 3 doctors. As for the faculty, it has more than 50 full-time and part-time teachers, of which 5 are active professors, 2 are associate professors, 2 are supervisors for Ph.D. candidates and 1 is the supervisor for postgraduates. The School of Film/Video has introduced more than 10 young teachers from the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing Film Academy, Shanghai Theater Academy China, Communication University of China, Nanjing University and Nanjing Normal University, etc. Right now, 1 of the 10 young teachers has got a Ph.D. degree, 3 are studying for their M.A. degree and 6 are studying for their MFA degree. Nearly 80% of the young teachers have a M.A. or above degree (including the impending M.A. or above degree). The School of Film/Video has cultivated nearly 300 graduates in 5 classes and all of them have found a job in a variety of art units and educational institutions of higher learning, including August First Film Studio, Beijing Film Studio, Shanghai Drama Art Center, Shanghai Children’s Art Theatre, Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Modern Drama House, the Front Repertory Theatre (Nanjing), Nanjing Repertory Theatre, CCTV, Beijing TV, Jiangsu TV, Nanjing TV, Hunan TV, etc., all well-received by the employing units.

Students and teachers in the School of Film/Video have been active in art practice, making fruitful achievements. Students majored in performing arts have carried out 15 report-back performances, demonstrating that they are truly the “hope of drama in Jiangsu”. Students majored in broadcasting and hosting art have dedicated 4 report-back performances which have widely well-received by insiders and experts with their uniqueness. More than 300 persons of students once played as the leading role or important roles in Black Hole, Dajiang Fenglei, Survival Series-Migrant Rural Workers, The 5th Empty Shell, Heartbeat, Yang Yang Married Three Times, Magic Lotus Lantern, Fight to Win or Die, Rescue, The 1st Intimate Contact, Civilians. Of which, Fight to Win or Die won the 8th China Movie Award for Excellent Features first prize; the play Civilians won the 11th Splendor Award and the golden award in the 2nd National New Repertoire Communication Show; TV series Rescue won the 2001 22nd Flying Goddess Award for Short TV Series third prize and the 2002 20th Gold Eagle Award for Excellent Short TV Series; and TV series Adolescence-Rainy Season won the 1999 17th Gold Eagle Award for Best Stories. At the first two Jiangsu Drama Competition held by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, students from the School of Film/Video won over 10 awards, including first prize and the awards for program, the director, excellent performance, performance, playwright and excellent organization. In September 2005, two students from our school participated, on behalf of Jiangsu Province, in “‘Loving China Caring the National Defense’ China National Defense Education TV Speech Contest” held by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Education, State Administration of Film Radio and Television and National Defense Education Office. Both won the third prize. Original drama Public Enemy Event was selected by 2005 Jiangsu Excellent Dramas Performance Exhibition jointly held by Jiangsu Provincial Propaganda Department and Jiangsu Provincial Culture Department before being selected by 2005 International Seminar on Performing Teaching and Dramas Performance Exhibition held by the Department of Sports, Health and Art Education of the Ministry of Education, winning widespread praise and arousing the attention of and reported by nearly 30 media, including CCTV News Channel, China Education Daily, Zhongguo Wenyi Bao (China Literature & Art). The report-back performance Man without Shadow created by graduates of the 2007 class was performed five times in a row as part of the activity entitled “Elegant Arts into Schools-Drama” held by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Propaganda, winning widespread praises from both insiders and outsiders.

Developing Nanjing University of the Arts School of Film/Video is becoming a base for cultivating film and television talents, integrating teaching, scientific researches and creation into one. It strives to make its own contribution to developing the advanced socialist culture and prospering the cause of film/television media arts!