Introduction of Schools and Departments

School of Media and Communications

Nanjing University of the Arts is a well-known integrated art educational institution of higher learning with a 100-year-long history and with “Grandeur and Simplicity, Profundity and Beauty, Endless Innovations” as its motto. The School of Media and Communications, as a secondary college of Nanjing University of the Arts, is an insightful teaching unit that adapts to the modern digital media technology, the progress and development of IT in the field of media and communication, as well as the need for global information visualization.

Since its establishment in 2005, the College of Media and Communications, as an important step in the discipline planning and adjustment of Nanjing University of the Arts, has been based on emerging disciplines and the forefront of emerging industries and has been sticking to the combination of technologies and arts. It has clarified its major development directions-digital technologies and new media, and has put forward the guiding policy of being open and practical. It advocates the development strategy of making cross-disciplinary creation and giving full play to its advantages in integrated arts, aiming at cultivating modern inter-disciplinary talents equipped with the fundamentals of media theories and advanced media concepts, familiar with related laws and regulations and market operation, having a strong ability to design plans and strategies and to practice, and proficient in digital film/video arts, digital interactive art, digital images, digital audio and video techniques, radio and television editing and direction, animation, online media, virtual space, games, advertising planning and design, as well as other integrated art and technical creativities.

The College of Media and Communications now has a digital media arts post-doctoral research center, a Ph.D. program for digital media arts, a master’s program for broadcasting and television art studies, as well as 6 majors for undergraduates, namely Broadcasting and Television Editing and Direction, Animation, Sound Recording Arts, Digital Media Arts, Photography and Advertising. Currently, it has about 1,600 undergraduates, postgraduates and doctors at school.

The College of Media and Communications takes National Digital Media Arts Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Jiangsu Digital Audio Lab, Institute of Radio and Television Arts and Digital Media Art Center as the platforms for teaching, scientific researches and art practices. It makes use of its advantages in media to form the pattern of original creation, strives to build the base of media education and industry in Jiangsu Province, and tries to make some contribution to the cultural prosperity and development of Jiangsu Province to build it into a cultural power.