Introduction of Schools and Departments

School of Higher Vocational Education

Nanjing University of the Arts College of Higher Vocational Education is a secondary undergraduate college of Nanjing University of the Arts. It has 5 majors now-Art Design, Music Studies, Film/Video Performance, Dance Editing and Direction and Broadcasting and Hosting Art. The School of Higher Vocational Education has unique educational characteristics, takes the cultivation of talents with high professional skills as its objective, and focuses on the abilities and skills of talents. As a new-type pattern of higher education, higher vocational education is an expansion of the traditional educational system, and an innovation-based, application-oriented, skill-based inter-disciplinary talents with high academic deposits.

Nanjing University of the Arts College of Higher Vocational Education provides a variety of different disciplines for all levels of learners. All professional courses set are closely related to the needed skills and knowledge of the posts. Being highly-practical, they enable students to become art talents who not only have systematic professional theoretical knowledge, but also could grasp the skills needed in social development and by the market. Meanwhile, it places importance on cultivating its students’ professional interests and moral ethnics so as to better prepare them for their future professions. By fully relying on the professional advantages and faculty of Nanjing University of the Arts and in accordance with the unique characteristics of higher vocational education, the College of Higher Vocational Education has formed its own ideas and philosophy of providing art education for its students, trying to build an art education institution with distinct characteristics of higher vocational education.

In 2005, it began to enroll undergraduates from all kinds of art-specific secondary vocational schools, vocational high schools and polytechnic schools. All qualified students are welcomed to take our entry examination.