Supervisors for Ph.D. Candidates
  Feng Jianqin  
  Zou Jianping  
  Chen Shining  
  Liu Weidong  
  Lin Shuzhong  
  Xi Chuanji  
  Zhou Jiyin  
  Huang Dun  
  Fan Bo  
  Wu Guodong  
  Ju Qihong  
  Liu Chenghua  
  Wu Lieyan  
  Wang Hu  
  Chang Ningsheng  
  Xu Liming  
  Shen Yizhen  
  He Xiaoyou  
  Li Lixin  
  Xu Yong  
  Zhuang Yao  
  Zhou Jingxin  
  Chen Jianhua  
  Geng Jian  
  Kong Liuqing  
  Wang Jianyuan  
  Xia Yanjing  
  Yuan Xiyang  
  Li Xiangmin  

Zou Jianping

Zou Jianping, M.A., professor, supervisor for Ph.D. candidates, male, the Han nationality, born in January 1955 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, graduated from the Composition Major of the Department of Music of Nanjing University of the Arts in 1980, worked in the university upon graduation as a teacher, studied for a master’s degree in Composition and Composition Theories since 1985, obtained a master’s degree from Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1988, went to the United States in 1990 and furthered his studies on music in Florida State University School of Music as a visiting scholar, returned China in 1992, was promoted an associate professor in 1993 and professor in 1999; served as the deputy dean of the Department of Music, the dean of the Department of Music Vocational School and schoolmaster of the Piano Tuning School Attached to Nanjing University of the Arts in succession since 1994; served as the vice principal of Nanjing University of the Arts from October 1997 to June 2008, served as the principal of Nanjing University of the Arts since July 2008, standing member of the 9th Jiangsu People’s Congress, delegate to the 10th and 11th National People’s Congress, vice chairman of Nanjing People’s Political Consultative Conference, member of China Musicians Association, vice chairman of Jiangsu Musicians Association, chairman of Nanjing Musicians Association, vice chairman of Nanjing Federation of Literary and Art Circles, published more than 10 academic papers; won altogether 9 awards in national music creation competitions, including special award, the Golden Melody Award, silver award, bronze award and honorable mentions; participated and undertook the position as the general music director in the creation of the large-scale dance Taihu Lake-Hometown of Fishes and Rice by Wuxi Song and Dance Ensemble, which won the National 5-A Project Award; the chorus album Xiu Hebao (Embroidering the Lotus-shaped Purse) won the second prize of the Shuangxiang Award 2000 from the State Administration of Radio Film and Television; created a great number of dance music and movie and TV music (more than 200 episodes in 23 series), of which the music for Emotional Plot won the Award for Excellent Composition in the evaluation of excellent TV series in Jiangsu Province in 2000.

Presides over the administration of Nanjing University of the Arts; responsible for personnel, foreign affairs, overseas students work and administrative affairs open to the public; in charge of the Principal’s Office, Personnel Department, International Exchange Office, College of International Education; and responsible for the liaison with the Music College and the College of Pop Music.