Supervisors for Ph.D. Candidates
  Feng Jianqin  
  Zou Jianping  
  Chen Shining  
  Liu Weidong  
  Lin Shuzhong  
  Xi Chuanji  
  Zhou Jiyin  
  Huang Dun  
  Fan Bo  
  Wu Guodong  
  Ju Qihong  
  Liu Chenghua  
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  He Xiaoyou  
  Li Lixin  
  Xu Yong  
  Zhuang Yao  
  Zhou Jingxin  
  Chen Jianhua  
  Geng Jian  
  Kong Liuqing  
  Wang Jianyuan  
  Xia Yanjing  
  Yuan Xiyang  
  Li Xiangmin  

Liu Weidong

Liu Weidong, male, the Han nationality, born in December 1960 in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, Ph.D., professor, supervisor for Ph.D. candidates, current standing member of the Party Committee and vice principal of Nanjing University of the Arts.

Engaged in teaching undergraduates and postgraduates such courses as Foreign Art History, Comparative Studies of the Chinese and Foreign Arts for years; published tens of academic papers in core art journals and academic publications above provincial level; published 7 books, including Wassily Kandinsky, Red Gallery (in three volumes), Eastern and Western Arts, Between Painting Languages, History of Foreign Fine Arts, Bright Stars-Fine Arts in Europe during the Renaissance and The Significance of Images; serves as the associate managing editor of fine arts teaching materials for junior students in Jiangsu; translated 4 books on foreign painting techniques; his published papers on the art education for college students won the first prize and the second prize, respectively, among excellent papers on higher education and teaching in Jiangsu; mainly engaged in studying the history of fine arts in China and comparing the Chinese and foreign fine arts recently; his papers entitled From Internalization to Externalization-Origins of Ni Yunlin’s Painting Patterns and Styles, Another Space, Another Side of Festivity, On the Painter of Zanhua Shinv Tu (On the Painter of Beauties in Flowers) and Gongyue Tu (Court Concert)-Comparative Study of the Space in Chinese and Foreign Paintings have attracted the attention of experts of a trade; of which, Another Side of Festivity and On the Painter of Zanhua Shinv Tu (On the Painter of Beauties in Flowers) won the 7th and 8th Nanjing Award for Excellent Philosophy and Social Science Papers third prize, respectively; the national-level project entitled “national image in art works” completed in 2007 under his guidance was spoken highly by the Ministry of Culture, the research findings of which were published in China Daily.

Prof. Liu Weidong was once selected as one of the Excellent Middle-aged and Young Core Teachers in Colleges and Universities in Jiangsu Province, candidate for the pacesetter of the Qing Lan Project in Jiangsu Province and one of the leaders of the second middle-aged and young scientists in the 333 High-quality Talents Cultivation Project in Jiangsu Province; current member of Jiangsu Oil Paintings Society, director of Jiangsu Artists Association, director of Jiangsu Artists Association Theory Committee, member of Jiangsu Quality Education for College Students Steering Committee, deputy director of Jiangsu Higher Education Teaching Research Society Teaching Branch, member of the Ministry of Education Art Teaching Steering Committee, member of MFA Teaching Steering Committee and editor in chief of the magazine Fine Arts and Design.