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Lin Shuzhong

Lin Shuzhong, professor, born in 1926, is a native of Ping Yang of Zhejiang province. Graduated from East Branch of China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1953 (current China Academy of Arts), and transferred to teach in Nanjing University of the Arts in the same year. He was a member of Chinese Artists Association, judging panel member for Fine Arts Discipline of Senior Position Accreditation Committee of Higher Education College of Jiangsu Province, member of Expert Review Group of Doctoral Supervisor in Fine Arts of Ministry of Culture; member of Extramural Position Judging Panel of Department of Art of the Chinese University of Hong Kong,  visiting professor of University of Michigan of U.S.A, researcher of the Chinese Culture Institute of University of Michigan, and advisor in Institute of Buddhist Culture of Japanese Ryukoku University. At present, he is the professor in Nanjing University of the Arts, committee member of Academy Committee, and started to enjoy special government allowances in 1993. Feature program of Lin Shuzhong was broadcast in “the Son of the Oriental” of CCTV in 1998. He led a delegation to eight countries in Europe for investigating Chinese famous paintings lost overseas and making surveying on European arts. Academic subject: Fine Arts. Main Research Interests: History of Chinese Fine Arts.

Representative works, papers: Catalogue of Chinese Paintings of All Dynasties (editor-in-chief), Tomb Carvings of Southern Dynasties (sole writer), Stone Sculptures of Song Dynasty(sole writer), General History of Chinese Art (one of the four teaching materials for History of Chinese Art of Art Colleges in China in 1979), Art Dictionary• Chinese Painting (editor-in-chief),Shanghai School and Ren Bonian, Wu Changshuo (academic report), Complete Works of Chinese Art• Sculptures of the Wei, Jin, and Southern and Northern Dynasties (editor-in-chief), Discussion on the family ancestry and inherited culture of Shen Zhou from the perspective of the unearthed epitaphs (thesis), Chinese Architecture Art (sole writer), The popularization route in China, nationalization and folk custom of Buddhist statue at preliminary stage (editor-in-chief),Art of Six Dynasties(editor-in-chief),Chinese Famous Paintings of All Dynasties Collected Overseas (8 volumes)( Chief Editor), Discussion on the painting of Ode to the Goddess Luo assumed to be painted by Lu Tanwei and collected in Freer Gallery (thesis).

Honors and Awards: Awarded by Ta Kung Pao of Hong Kong as the Album of Chinese Painting with vivid pictures and History of Chinese Painting published at the earliest time of New China; Special Gold Prize of National Art Books in 1991; Publication Excellence Award of Jiangsu province; obtained National Book Prize in 1999; International Award for Outstanding Works in 2001.

Scientific research items of national and provincial level: I. Social Projects of the “9th Five-year” Plan of the Ministry of Education: Investigation on Chinese famous paintings of all dynasties lost to overseas; II. The “9th Five-year” Key National Book Program: Chinese famous paintings of all dynasties collected overseas (Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, published in 1998)