Supervisors for Ph.D. Candidates
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  Zou Jianping  
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  Liu Weidong  
  Lin Shuzhong  
  Xi Chuanji  
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  Wu Lieyan  
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  Kong Liuqing  
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  Li Xiangmin  

Wu Lieyan

Wu Lieyan, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor. Vice President of Design School; Party Member; born in city of Nantong of Jiangsu Province in 1956; graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of Nanjing University of the Arts in 1980, majoring in Decorative Design, and graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts in 2001 with doctoral degree in Fine Arts. Engaged in research on decorative art, basic teaching of design and design education, mainly teaching courses of color, basis of design, decoration art, public art, free art, etc. Published over 30 papers including Diversified Method of Basic Education Theme Design, Modern Evolvement and Format Presentation of Manual Arts, Derrida and Eisenman: Theory and Practice of Deconstruction, etc.; published 17 works include Deconstruction Design, Design of Semantics of Decoration, History of Foreign Art and Design etc (6 are of sole author, 11 of joint work), published as the Chief Editor 10 volumes of Modern Design Concept series books, 8 volumes of Contemporary Handicrafts series. A lot of his works are selected to be exhibited on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th National Art Exhibition and several National Watercolor Pastel Painting Exhibition.

Works of Still Object, Lotus Pool, Hu Ju Long Pan: Better than before obtained the Honorable Award, Bronze Prized in 2th, 5th National Watercolor Pastel Painting Exhibition, First Prize of 95 National Indoor Rating and other awards.

Many works are elected into over 10 important works collect such as Collection of Chinese Modern Art Works, and published over 150 pieces of works in important professional journals such as Fine Arts, Decoration, Art Observation and etc.

Several Public Arts pieces are adopted by the Jiangsu Compartment of the Great Hall of the People, Shanghai Jinmao Tower and etc.

Conducted academic investigation and example teaching in William Paterson University, West Virginia University of U.S.A upon invitation, and visited 10 European countries for art and art education investigation and did creation and exhibition in Vienna International Art Studio.

Obtained 96 Jiangsu Provincial Red Pine and Gardener Award (Silver Prize), tile of 2001 Jiangsu Provincial Excellent Teacher, etc, selected as “333 Cross-century Academic and Technological Leasers of Jiangsu Province” (Level III) and etc.

Member of Chinese Artists Association, member of China Fashion Color Association, member of Chinese Writers' Association for Science Popularization, member of Watercolor Art Committee of Jiangsu Artists Association.