Supervisors for Ph.D. Candidates
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  Li Xiangmin  

Wang Hu

Wang Hu, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor. Born in city of Nanjing of Jiangsu Province in 1957. Graduated from the Department of Department of Arts and Crafts of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 1985 with bachelor degree; graduated from Department of Arts and Crafts of Nanjing University of the Arts in 1990 with Master Degree; pursue doctoral degree of Fine Arts on the job. Engaged in teaching and research of Paint art, basic courses of Chinese Craft Art History, craftsmanship and culture, and teaching courses include Paint Art, Chinese Craft Art History and Sketch, etc. Published over 20 papers including Realistic Significance of Technology Training Course, Discussion on Movement of Modern Chinese Lacquer, Vietnam Polished Lacquer Painting and China, etc. Published 5 specialized works including Lacquer Summary, Chinese Folk Arts, Decoration and Domestic and Foreign Modeling Objects, History of Fujian Arts and Crafts, etc. The work of Anecdote of Pre-Qin Dynasty and other works are elected to be exhibited in “96 French Autumn Salon Exhibition”, “World Tour Exhibition of Chinese Art” and other exhibitions. Works of Martial Arts Learning around Boarder, Tenderness as Fire obtained the gold prize in “First, Second National Sports Art Exhibition”, the Anecdote of Pre-Qin Dynasty, Shangri-La obtained the bronze prize and excellent award in the 7th, 9th National Art Exhibition, Song of Grass obtained several important awards including the Bronze Award of “Art Exhibition for 65th Anniversary of Army Establishment. Several pieces of works are collected by China National Art Museum, government organizations, International Olympic Committee headquarters and foreign cultural institutions.

Visited Europe to attend the “Culture and Olympism” international academic seminar, make academic exchanges in Japan Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music upon invitation and attended the series exhibition as Art Director in America, etc.

Obtained titles of “Jiangsu Provincial Excellent Teacher”, “Cross-century Academic Leasers of Jiangsu Province”, “333 Academic and Technological Leasers of Jiangsu Province (Level III)”.

Member of Lacquer Arts Council of Chinese Artists Association, member of Chinese Artists Association, Executive Director of National Professional Committee of lacquer, Vice-president of Urban Wall Painting Research Society of Jiangsu Province.

Obtained 96 Jiangsu Provincial Red Pine and Gardener Award (Silver Prize), tile of 2001 Jiangsu Provincial Excellent Teacher, etc, selected as “333 Cross-century Academic and Technological Leasers of Jiangsu Province” (Level III) and etc.

Member of Chinese Artists Association, member of China Fashion Color Association, member of Chinese Writers' Association for Science Popularization, member of Watercolor Art Committee of Jiangsu Artists Association.