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Chang Ningsheng

Chang Ningsheng, born in the city of Nanjing of Jiangsu Province in November 1955. Graduated from the English Department of Anqing Normal University of Anhui Province with bachelor degree in English Literature and Linguistics in 1982; got admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts of Nanjing University of the Arts in 1984, supervised by Professor Liu Ruli and Zhang Daoyi for studying History of Western Art and Theory of Art; and obtained Master Degree in Art History in 1987; obtained Doctoral Degree in Art History in 1992. Went to University of Chicago and Art Institute of Chicago in Illinois of America as state-funded student by Ministry of Education for post-doctoral research from 1994 to 1996. Went to Courtauld Institute of Art of University of London as senior visiting scholar in 2001 for monographic study on Art History Theory, and is now the Professor of Academy of Fine Arts of Nanjing University of the Arts, Dean of Department of Fine Arts. Member of Chinese Artists Association.

Main works: Rebellion and Surpass: Modern Western Painting (Shanghai East Publishing Center, 2000), The Power and the Glory: Comparison of Roman Empire and Sculpture of Han Dynasty (Shaanxi People's Fine Arts Publishing House, 2003), Time Traversing: Art History and Art Education (China Renmin University Press 2004); Chief Editor; European and American contemporary Painting Art (Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House 1992), The End of Art History: Selected Works of Contemporary Western Art History (China Renmin University Press 2004), Remarks on Art by Modern Art Masters (China Renmin University Press 2003), Translated works: Understanding of Visual Culture (Commercial Press, 2005), Significance of Modern Art (joint work, China Renmin University Press 2003), Beyond Modernism (joint work, Jiangsu Education Publishing House 2005), History of Western Art Education (joint work, Sichuan People's Publishing House 2001), Techniques of Oil Painting(Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House 1998), The Evolution of Design Concepts of 20th Century (joint work, Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House 2003), Extraordinary Design(joint work, Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House 2003); and published over 50 papers in domestic and overseas academic journals.

Field of research: History of Western Art, Comparison of Chinese and Foreign Art, Theory of Art History, Visual Culture. Awards and Honors: Monograph of Rebellion and Surpass: Modern Western Painting obtained the third prize of Award for Outstanding Achievement of Philosophy and Social Science of Jiangsu Province in 2000; paper of Extended View: Turn of Contemporary Art History Research obtained the second prize of Excellent Paper of Chongqing Municipal Publication Bureau in 2001. Research subject: “Theory and Methods of Contemporary Art” (“10th Five-year Plan” project of national art discipline planning office) and “History and Theory of Art History” (Humanities and Social Sciences “10th Five-year Plan” project of Education Bureau of Jiangsu Province).