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Zhuang Yao

Zhuang Yao is born in 1955. Graduated from the Music Department of Northwest Normal University with Bachelor’s Degree in Theory and Composition in 1982; Graduated from the Nanjing University of the Arts with Master’s Degree in Music Creation; Work as the Deputy Director, Professor in School of Communication of Nanjing University of the Arts at present; Vice-president of Digital Music Education Association of Chinese Musicians Association, commissioner of Executive Council of Development of New media Art Disciplines of Degree Office of State Council, Executive Director of Institute of Electronic Music of Chinese Musicians Association, commissioner of Computer Teaching Supervisory Committee of Art Discipline of Higher Education Colleges of Ministry of Education.

Main Works and Papers: Analysis of Musical Forms and Works(Part A, Part B), (second author), “10th Five-year Plan” Teaching Materials of National Planning Level for General Higher Education; On Basic Structure of the Logical Form of Music, Aesthetic Connotation of Regression Analysis of In-depth Music Structure, Concept of Computer Music Production, Fascinating Moon in Piero: Manifestation of Expressionist Music, Analysis of General Data Information of Computer Music, Some Suggestions on Computer Music Production Courses Construction, Digital Music Education in Information Age, Overview of Research Methods of Domestic Music Composition Theory since 1990s’ of 20th Century, Research on Domestic Music Form since 1990s’ of 20th Century, Impact of New Technology Media on Music Creating in Digital Age, etc.

Projects: Head of Digital Audio Production (teaching material) of Education Department of Jiangsu Province (closed in 2005). One of main heads of the key research project of Jiangsu Provincial Philosophy and Social Sciences Fund: Contemporary Music Studies, in charge of the writing of “Chapter V Morphology of Music”, (closed in 2006). Participated in the research project of “Research on Impact of New Technology Media on Music Creating in Digital Age” of Education Department of Jiangsu Province, and was responsible for paper writing of “Research on Impact of New Technology Media on Music Creating in Digital Age”.

Main Art activities participated in music creating, and the created works include movie and TV music, computer music, stage music, orchestral music, folk orchestra, martellando, solo, etc. Created works usually combine digitalized technological methods and nationalistic style. In important contests of China's professional music creation, obtained the 3rd and 5th “China Golden Bell Award” respectively in 2003 and 2005. Created music for opening ceremonies of “Sixth China Art Festival”, “Tenth National Games” and other large-scale literary performances and several TV series; published and issued nearly 10 music CD such as Impression of Ethnic Tour ; in recent years, mainly engaged in Digital Audio Arts and Technology, Digital Interactive Art, Research on Practice and Theory of Movie and TV Sound Art.