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Zhou Jingxin

Zhou Jingxin, male, Han Nationality, born in Nanjing in 1959 with family origin in Tongzhou of Jiangsu province; graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of  Nanjing University of the Arts with Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Painting and then joined the faculty in 1984; attended on-job master program in the Department of Fine Arts of Nanjing University of the Arts and obtained the Master’s Degree in Chinese Painting in 1989; worked as the Dean of  Teaching and Research Section of Chinese Painting in the Department of Fine Arts of Nanjing University of the Arts(1993), Vice-dean of the Department of Fine Arts (1994), Deputy Director of Academy of Fine Arts (1999), Director of Academy of Fine Arts (2005); now works as Vice-president of Nanjing University of the Arts, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Deputy Editor-in-chief of Art and Design. Main Research Interests: Sketched Figure, line, draw, Chinese painting creating. a nonparty personage, CPPCC Standing Committee Member of Jiangsu Province; member of China Artists Association, Vice-chairman of Artists Association of Jiangsu Province, Part-time Professor in Nanjing University, Director of Jiangsu Provincial Society for International Friendly Contact; obtained title of “People with Chinese Master’s Degree and Great Contribution Maker” by Academic Degrees Committee of State Council, State Education Commission; honored as candidate for cross- century academic leaders cultivation of General Higher Education of Jiangsu Province” in 1996; approved as the “Middle-aged, Young People with Outstanding Contribution” by Jiangsu Provincial People's Government in 1997, and honored as “candidate for Jiangsu 333 cross- century academic and technological leaders” by Jiangsu Provincial Educational Commission; awarded with the title of “Artists with “Moral and Artistic Qualities” by Jiangsu Provincial Personnel Bureau, Literature and Arts Association of Jiangsu Province respectively in 1999 and 2005; awarded the title of Advanced Individual of Helping Activities of Hope Project of Jiangsu Province, and started to enjoy special government allowance by State Council in 2004.

Chinese painting works obtained the Silver Prize of 6th National Art Exhibition(1984); Silver Prize of 7th National Art Exhibition (1989); Award for Excellent Works in 9th National Art Exhibition(1999); Bronze Prize in 10th National Art Exhibition (2004); works have been separately collected in Chinese Art Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Nanjing Museum, Guangzhou Art Gallery, Shenzhen Art Museum, Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum and other professional institutes. The design of one set of Ancient Chinese Sports Stamp was issued by Ministry of Posts and Tele Communication and ranked the 3rd in the “World Top 10 Stamps” Contest in Japan at the same year (1986); the course of Chinese Painting was defined as Level I excellent course of Jiangsu Province in 2006; the course of Techniques of Chinese Painting was defined as national excellent course in 2007, and the hosted project of Creative Talents Cultivation for Painting Teaching obtained Second Prize of outstanding achievements of teaching in High Education Colleges of Jiangsu Province; Excellent Teacher Award of High Education Colleges of Jiangsu Province in 2008.

Published personal collection of Group Paintings of the Water Margin, Zhou Jingxin Album, Manuscript of Chinese Contemporary Famous Painters: Zhou Jingxin, Masters Teaching Series of Chinese Painting Masters for Contemporary Higher Education Colleges• Zhou Jingxin Class Manuscript, Studio Visit:Art World of Zhou Jingxin • Inkwash Painting Sculpture, Eighty Pictures of Figures of Water Margin, Inkwash Painting Status: Collection of Ten Famous Chinese Painting • Zhou Jingxin, Series Book of mainstream of the twenty-first century figure painting • Zhou Jingxin, Excellent Master’s Works • Zhou Jingxin, Zhou Jingxin •Art & Life Creation,  Chinese Inkwash Painting • Zhou Jingxin,, Limitless Feeling, 2006 Art Almanac • Zhou Jingxin, etc.