Supervisors for Ph.D. Candidates
  Feng Jianqin  
  Zou Jianping  
  Chen Shining  
  Liu Weidong  
  Lin Shuzhong  
  Xi Chuanji  
  Zhou Jiyin  
  Huang Dun  
  Fan Bo  
  Wu Guodong  
  Ju Qihong  
  Liu Chenghua  
  Wu Lieyan  
  Wang Hu  
  Chang Ningsheng  
  Xu Liming  
  Shen Yizhen  
  He Xiaoyou  
  Li Lixin  
  Xu Yong  
  Zhuang Yao  
  Zhou Jingxin  
  Chen Jianhua  
  Geng Jian  
  Kong Liuqing  
  Wang Jianyuan  
  Xia Yanjing  
  Yuan Xiyang  
  Li Xiangmin  

Xia Yanjing

Xia Yanjing, male, Han Nationality, born in January 1960, a native of Linhai of Zhejiang province; graduated from the Department of Arts and Crafts of Nanjing University of the Arts with Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Illustrations, and then joined the faculty; pursued on-job doctoral degree under the supervision of Professor Xi Chuanji in Design School of Nanjing University of the Arts, and graduated in June 2007 with Doctoral Degree; works as Professor, Doctoral Supervisor  in Arts Research Institute and Design School of Nanjing University of the Arts, member of editorial board and editor in charge of Fine Arts and Design, the journal of Nanjing University of the Arts, Executive Editor of Research of Art of Nanjing University of the Arts, Executive director of the Chinese Art Society, member of Society of Chinese Arts and Crafts, member of Popular Science Writers Association of China, Executive Director of Jiangsu Textile Fashion Color Association, member of Artists Association of Jiangsu Province, member of Jiangsu Institute of Education. Main Research Interests: Design Art History and Design Education, Art History and Art History Study. Main professional courses taught for graduate students in recent five years: Monographic study of Design Art History, Art of Creation, Monographic study of Design Education, Design Principles Study, Design Planning and Management Study, Living Style and Cultural Fashion Study, Field Research of Traditional Handicraft, Monographic study of Art History, Thesis Writing, Art Education, etc.

Published works within recent ten years: Clothing Culture and Design, Art Appreciation, History of Art Design in China, Chinese Art History• Industrial Arts (joint work, key book of national “9th Five-year Plan”) , Research on Chinese Traditional Instruments Design (Jiangsu provincial social science “10th Five-year Plan” project, Deputy Editor-in-chief), Graduation Thesis Writing and Thesis Defending Teaching Courses of Art Design, History of Chinese Art, Artistic China •Cloth, Theory of Design, History of Chinese Contemporary and Modern Art. Dictionaries Compiling attended: Great Event Collection of Design Art Education (Deputy Editor-in-chief), Dictionary of Art Education (writer).

Published in recent ten years tens of papers in professional journals of Art Observation, Decoration, Hundred Schools in Art, Fine Arts and Design, Studies in research items of Arts and Culture, Research of Design Education, Art Studies, New Graphic, etc, and the contents involve in Design History, Design Education, Design Criticism and Art History, etc. In addition, presented and reported several professional papers in Academic Seminar of National Art, Annual Meeting of Art History of Chinese Higher Education College in recent years.

Scientific research items of provincial level undertaken in recent time: 2009 Philosophy and Social Science Foundation Project of Education Department of Jiangsu Province: Research on Employment Status of Contemporary Handicraft of Jiangsu.

Honors and Awards: Obtained honorary title of First Excellent Middle-aged, Young Leading Teachers of College of General Higher Education of Jiangsu Province in 1992; Cross- century academic leaders cultivation of General Higher Education of Jiangsu Province” in 2000; attended disciplinary construction of “Design History” course in 2006, and obtained the Award for Level II Excellent Course of Higher Education Colleges in Jiangsu Province; attended in the compiling of Research on Chinese Traditional Instruments Design in 2007, and awarded the First National Publication Award; attended the research of Art Design Curriculum Reform obtained Second Prize of Award for Outstanding Achievements of Jiangsu General Higher Education by Jiangsu Provincial People's Government in 2009.