Supervisors for Ph.D. Candidates
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  Yuan Xiyang  
  Li Xiangmin  

Yuan Xiyang

Prof. Yuang Xiyang was born in February 1970 in Shanghai. He graduated from the Department of Arts and Crafts of Nanjing University of the Arts in Weaving and Dyeing Art and Design in 1992. He graduated from the Art Design Department of the University with Master’s Degree in Fine Arts in 1995, and graduated from the Design School of the University with Doctoral Degree in Fine Arts in 2000. He went to British Royal Academy of Art, University College London as a visiting scholar, Honorary Senior Research Fellow from 2002 to 2003, and went to Department of Design History of British Royal Academy of Art, Department of Art and Archaeology of School of Oriental and African Studies of University College London for post-doctoral study from 2004 to 2005. He started teaching in Design School in Nanjing University of the Arts in 1995, and now is the Deputy Director, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor in School of Design. His discipline and specialty is in Design Art. His main research interests include: History and Theory of Design, History and Theory of Design Education. He is now the Director of Anthropological Society of Chinese Art, British Design History Society, Association of British Art Historian.

Main Works and Papers: Research of Development of Chinese Art and Design Education, Neo Modernism, History of Foreign Art and Design (joint works), Secret of Antwerp: Contemporary Belgian Avant-garde Fashion, Whether Post-crafts Age has come: Evolution and positioning adjustments of contemporary western handicraft, Research on Chinese Contemporary and Modern Design History under the Globalized View, Afterglow of New Art:” Beardsley Heat” of China Book Binding Industry of 1920s’ in 20th Century, etc.

Scientific research items of provincial level and above: He obtained the 8th Young Teacher Fund of Ministry of Education, Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation in 2001, and the research subject is Research on Chinese and British Contemporary and Modern Handicraft Protection and Development Policy; and obtained K C Wong Scientific and Technological Fund of British Academy in 2004, and the research subject is Research on Aubrey Beardsley and Chinese Contemporary and Modern Graphic Design; the Scientific and Technological Fund project of Education Department of Jiangsu Province of Research on Development of Disciplinary Development of Western Design History; scientific and technological project of Research on Western Art Design Education History of Jiangsu Provincial 333 project.

Honors and Awards: He was selected as “Mid-aged, Young Academic Leaders of Jiangsu Provincial “Cyan – Blue Program” in 2004 and was selected as first batch of Mid-aged, Young Scientific and Technological Leasers of “333 High-level Personnel Cultivation Project” of Jiangsu Province in 2007 (Level II of 333 Project); he obtained “Special Award for Research on Canada” of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Association for Canadian Studies in 2007; the subject of “Art Design Curriculum Reform” attended by him obtained Second Prize of Award for Outstanding Achievements of Jiangsu General Higher Education in 2009.