Yu Feng, Secretary of NUA’s Party Committee, was invited to attend the 13th “Taoli Cup” comprehensive report performance and received the award of “Excellent Organization Unit”

On August 16, the Onsite Final Evaluation & Achievements Exhibition of the 13th “Taoli Cup” National Dancing Education Performance of China dropped the curtain. The comprehensive report performance Taoli Yiyi was performed in the Beijing Exhibition Theater, together with other works, all of which amounted to nearly 40. Lu Yingchuan, member of the Party Group and Vice Minister of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, You Jun, member of the Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Education Working Committee of Municipal Party Committee, Liu Yuhui, Vice Mayor of Beijing and Chairman of Beijing Disabled Persons’ Federation, attended the activity. Yu Feng, Secretary of NUA’s Party Committee, was invited to attend the activity and received the honorary certificate of “Excellent Organization Unit”.

   NUA’s 10 works were selected in “Taoli Cup” this year, including 4 Chinese classical dances, 2 Chinese folk dances, 1 ballet, 1 modern dance, 1 group dance and 1 teacher’s excellent course respectively, setting a new record high along NUA’s history and ranking the top among art colleges and universities nationwide. Xu Hua, a contestant of the young women’s group of Chinese folk dance, was awarded “Excellent Performing Talent”, and Guan Jian, Shan Chuan and Zhou Mengying, her instructors, were awarded “Excellent Instructor”; the original work See Leisurely... and Dancing with Snow in Pine Trees were awarded “Excellent Drama (Program) and Director”.

See Leisurely... was awarded “Excellent Drama (Program) and Director”
Young men group of Chinese classical dance
Performer: Fang Tianxiang  Instructors: Wang Liang and Xiong Jiesen
Director: Wan Su

Chanting with Bamboo Flute  Young men group of Chinese classical dance  Performer: Le Gujie
Instructors: Zhu Qi, Zhang Yuan and Du Junhe
Directors: Hu Yan and Zhu Qi  Composer: Yang Yi

Unknown Young women group of Chinese classical dance  Performer: Tian Yuewen
Instructors: Zheng Yang and Zheng Yanan  Director: Zheng Yanan

The Reeds (learning play) Junior women group of Chinese classical dance
Performer: Liao Xin  Instructors: Xiong Jiesen and Zou Jun

Crow at Dawn Young women group of Chinese folk dance  Performer: Xu Hua
Instructors: Guan Jian, Shan Chuan and Zhou Mengying   Director: Zhou Mengying
The music selected from: Beckoning the Phoenix (Qin Wenchen)
Award of “Excellent Performing Talent” and “Excellent Instructor”

Platycodon Grandiflorus Young women group of Chinese folk dance  Performer: Li Pengshu
Instructors: Yang Yifan and Zhou Rui
Directors: Zhou Mengying and Yang Yifan  Composer: Wang Shaopeng

Long Mark Young men group of modern dance   Performer: Wang Dibo
Instructor: Wang Jiawei  Director: Wang Dibo

Swan Lake Prince Transformation  Ballet junior group  Performer: Han Linjiang
Instructors: Yu Jiaqi, Wang Yu and Wang Jiawei
Directors: Wang Jiawei and Yi Qili

Group dance Dancing with Snow in Pine Trees  Award of “Excellent Drama (Program) and Director
Director: Guan Jian  Instructor: Guan Jian  Composer: Yang Yi

Excellent course Training Course of Kun-dance Five Fingers Lotus Hand Style
Instructors: Chen Min, Ma Jiaqin and Yang Jianxin

NUA laid special emphasis on the performance of “Taoli Cup”. Since the release of activity agenda at the beginning of this year, NUA’s main leaders and divisional leaders put forward instructions and requirements for the preparation work for many times. Under the overall planning of the Art Creation Department, the Dance Academy organized the event actively and experts including Professor Yu Ping offered guidance on the declaration and preparation of the event. Furthermore, the performing students made rehearsals with heart and soul by giving up their summer vacation. Xu Wei, Dean of the Dance Academy, Yang Jianxin, and Guo Luole, Vice Dean of the Dance Academy, led a delegation including 18 teachers and 35 students to Beijing to participate in the 8-day event, which included 226 programs and 24 teachers’ excellent courses from 64 colleges and universities nationwide. The contestants from NUA performed together with outstanding contestants from Beijing Dance Academy, Minzu University of China, The Central Academy of Drama, Shanghai Theatre Academy, Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, etc. in this event, showing their charms and skills on the stage of “Taoli Cup”.

The Achievements Exhibition of the “Taoli Cup” National Dancing Education Performance of China is a domestic professional dancing education exhibition activity for teenagers with the highest standard and largest scale. After the painstaking efforts of nearly 40 years, “Taoli Cup” has gained high prevalence and become an excellent brand with distinct characteristics. Many outstanding talents participating in the “Taoli Cup” have played a dominant role in China’s dance art and education circles.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and co-organized by the Department of Science and Technology Education of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Beijing Dance Academy, the “Taoli Cup” received the registration of contestants organized by 209 colleges and universities from 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, as well as Hong Kong and Macao and 2 overseas consulates (Los Angeles and San Francisco) since its kick-off on April 1 this year. This event involves more than 14,700 contestants and nearly 2,000 programs. On August 9-15, 250 programs passing primary selection underwent on-site performance and final evaluation in the Theater of Beijing Dance Academy, National Theatre and Erqi Theater respectively, covering nearly 1,000 teachers and students. The 7-day performance included 20 performances, which attracted more than 20,000 audiences on site and 12 million online views.

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Typesetters: Zong Zhengxi and Liu Yanhong
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Source: Dance Academy of Nanjing University of the Arts
Produced by: Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Nanjing University of the Arts